daily yoga routine for beginners at home

 daily yoga routine for beginners at home

Yoga for men reveals that there is no rule that women alone wish to have a toned body.daily yoga routine for beginners at home Men, dedicate some real time. Even your Y-chromosome carriers are sure to offer huge rewards on a yoga mat and keep your body moving. Men, in fact, benefit more than women on performing yoga postures.  If you fear the twisting or propping up in a back-bend and consider it as intimidating, actually it is not. It is your fear and anxiety that worsens the situation. There is much yoga workout for men poses that help building the body.

Women exceeded men in numbers in performing yoga, but now with times changing, men are growing in huge numbers and are making way to the mat. Even men, who were intimated slightly, now have started considering yoga poses that are comfortable.

daily yoga routine for beginners at home

daily yoga routine for beginners at home

Introduce Sun salutations into your routine:

Sun salutation is a pose achieved through a different sequence of poses which is performed in honor of the energy provider which is our Sun. If you are unsure of how to perform a sun salutation or for that matter any yoga pose, you can check out the yoga courses in desiilajonline that provide a well-guided insight into the world of yoga.

Sun salutation is a great way to pump up your body with energy and positivity while healing your body from inside. Each time you perform the sun salutation, you raise your chakras to their optimum while balancing the flow of chakra energy throughout your body.

Do not push yourself, start small:

Now that you have decided to practice yoga make sure you start with some basic exercises. Running into advanced stages of yoga like Tittibhasana, Kapotasana, Mayurasana, etc. might cause you more harm than benefit. Start with a simple meditation of 10 minutes. As you meditate, focus on your breathing pattern to gain control of your body.

Unless you can control the rhythm of your intake and outflow of air, you cannot gain the optimum benefit from yoga. As you come out of meditation, you can start by simple stretching exercises like Tadasana, Balasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, etc.

Switch Places:

Practicing a yoga pose, just inside the four walls of your home, gets boring with time. You can do well with your mind, eyes and even body with a few minutes under the sun amidst some greenery. Say, for example; you enter a green garden filled with beautiful red flowers and the sun shining on the dew drops on the leaves.

Isn’t this something that might just lift up your spirits? Yoga is a technique to calm your min while inducing optimism that plays a great role in your overall health. With a tensed mind, you cannot grab all the benefits of this ancient art. So make sure you take some time out of your busy schedule and try to do yoga on the balcony or nearby garden amidst the beauty of nature.

Try online classes to master the asanas:

If you have a very tight schedule that bars you from travelling to a yoga class to learn the asanas, you can still achieve the full-fledged benefit of yoga from the warmth and comfort of your home. You can prefer to follow teachers on YouTube or any social media website where they provide great tips and tricks to learn yoga.

The videos range between 15 to 90 minutes which is a great option for busy birds. Online classes also give you a chance to clarify any doubts or issues through personal messages or live chat options. This ensures that anything you learn is genuine and fruitful for your health.

daily yoga routine for beginners at home

Maintain rotation of asanas: 

Anything repetitive gets boring after a certain period. Make sure your alternate your yoga asanas each day to maintain interest. For example, if on a Tuesday you practiced Salabhasana, make sure the next day starts with something different like Viparita Karani asana. This keeps the flow of interest while keeping you healthy at the same time.

Make sure you always prioritize yoga in your daily schedule as a healthy body is equal to a healthy life. Unless you are full of energy yourself, you cannot perform at your hundred percent. So, consider yoga above all your routine work. Consider yoga as a part of your life that fills you with positivity.

Decide a time that suits you the best:

Yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere with the same amount of benefit in each session. If you decide on a morning routine, make sure you do it on an empty stomach. Lay your mat on the ground as the sun rises and start with meditation which should be followed by some stretching, Sun Salutation and a series of asanas such as Utkatasana for your legs and buttocks, Vrksasana for perfect balance to induce flexibility, Shavasana to calm your body down while allowing you to relax. You can also go for the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana that helps open up your lungs and heart to introduce flexibility to your whole body.

With a jam-packed daily routine, following a healthy lifestyle and exercise is almost difficult. However, yoga is an ancient art of healing that can be practiced anywhere, anytime as per your requirements. Travelling all the way to your favorite gym might not be possible on a daily basis due to the competitive work culture followed in today’s generation.

Yoga keeps you fit and ready while you work through your day. At the comfort of your home, be it early in the morning or just before you sleep, you can incorporate yoga into your life while keeping it steady. Before you start introducing yoga into your life, keep certain points in mind.

daily yoga routine for beginners at home





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