motapa kam karne ke upay in hindi

motapa kam karne ke upay in hindi

agar app motapa kam karne ke upay in hindi me search kr eahe ha to post ko end tak jarur read kre .In India, I feel that I love you, I get it in the log and they can lose weight so that they do anything. But Subbed is a big fancier that they are not simple tips which are the main topics, through blog posts, you are going to share the logo. We are the ones that speed is a disease. They ignore your weight. There is no one for you, and with age, there is a problem in these problems. Katmai karma you have heart disease, respiratory problems, and many seats and diseases are lag power   

motapa kam karne ke upay in hindi         

Meri sachi kahani pet kam krne ki

4 month pehle maine dekha ki mere pet ki charbi dere dere badh rahi thi or mere pet folne lag gaya or mere ko v mehsus hone laga ki mera weight badh raha ha.

Es baat ki mere ko bhuht hi tansion hone lahi or maine apna weight kam karne ki than li the frr mai har roj naye nai exercise karne laga prr ess sab krne se mere pet ko koi fark nai pada jeh sb kene k baad v mera motapa badd raha tha lekin maine har nai mai ni or paka irada kr lay ta ki ess motape ko kam kr k hi rahu ga

Mai ess baat ko lekar bhuht hi tension me rehne laga. frr ik din mera dost mere ghar par milne ko aya or maine y sab uss k sath share kiya to ess ne muje apni diet chart banva le bass frr kya tha mai apne ek dietician k pass gya or apna diet chart banyia frr ose roj follow krne laga or ekk es k sath bhuht hi jaruri batt k har roj nage pao 45 minute thak subh walking krni ha or eh sb krne se mere pet i charbi kam honi start  ho gayi maine 5 din me apna 40kg weight loss kiya

or frr mainu socha ki eh sab tips mai apne sab dosto ki batyu ess liye maine yeh sab tips post me likh deye

Pet kam krne k tarike

  • Amla Powder: Take powder powder daily in the morning. 5 gms of water
  • Fenugreek Dana: You also take my friends with mango powder.
  • Almonds and Black Pepper: Take 5 Almonds + 2 Kali Mishra in the morning.
  • Triphala Powder: The sip of Triphala’s powder is also a demand for fencing.
  • Special Multi Grain Ata Banyo: Do ​​not eat chapati wheat.
  • Special gardens such as wheat flour + barley + gram flour You are wired bana skate’s multi grain flour
  • Eat fruits: Eat more fruits than most. For example: Papaya, Berry, Amrood, Nyov etc. Lemonade: Sew the lemonade. Take the roasted cumin seeds + salt mile in nimbo water.
  • Lemon Tea: From work to work, double tea tea made of lemon tea starts with lemon tea Hot water: Dale of hot water habit.
  • Take the sugar work: Take the sweet fatness from the sweet work, it is better that the sugar is working from the work
  • Chapati: If you eat 4 roti at one time (means lunch time or dinner time), then start 2 tablespoons of upper dye et al. Where is the habit you used to make, and you can work more.
  • Vegetable Chalets: You can take a box with vegetables or pulses. Salad: Jada Salad Khaye from Zayada. Jassi Ka Khaira, Budi etc.
  • Poha: You take Pojja which is very light, too. 
  • din me 200ml dud le
  • har roj kam se kam 9-10 pani k glass peye
  • Ese blood pressure ko normal rakne me asani hoti ha

Daily Exercise

yeh sab krne k sath sath bhuht hi jaruri ha ki app har rot daily 40-45minute nage payo Kasrat kreor maine to jeh dekha ha ki agar app purri   trah jeh sabb  tips follow kare ge to jeh v sab diet ki jarurt v nai padegi  


pet ki charbi kam krne valla food jo aap ki chodna hoga

  • . Frozen Food: You will have to chip, sambosa, pakoras, steal
  •  Avoid bakery products from cowardly: Bakery items such as caps, biscuits, pastries, patties, chorn hoses,
  •  Avoid fast food: You have become fast food chorna. Such as burgers, noodles, pizzas etc.
  •  Fat and sweets: Avoid butter, cream, lost, desi ghee, sugar, honey etc.
  • Avoid dry creams: Avoid dry fruits, dates, coconuts etc.

  •  Avoid cold drinks: Avoid cold drinks like coke, pepsi

  •  Other Foods and Fruits: Avoid Your Eggs, Mutton, Alcohol, Pickles, Cheetahs, Fruit Juices, Bananas, Mango, Chicken, Grapes

motapa kam karne ke upay in hindi

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